The Romain Roquette green commitment

What we expect from you

Reuse your ROMAIN ROQUETTE bag.
Show your RR bag at check-out and get 0,20 EUR off your order.
RR bags are available at the counter (2,00 EUR).

Reuse ANY salad bowl.
Give your bowl at the salad guy/girl and get 0,20 EUR off your salad.
Don’t have one?Reusable bowls are also available at the counter (10,00 EUR).

Good to know

We throw away less than 1% of food

Cutlery & soup bowls are bio degradable.
Throw them away in the garbage bin, they will be decomposed within the year.

Take away salad bowls are made from recycled plastic. Rinse with water and throw away in “recycled plastic” bag, so they can have a third life.
Bio degradable salad bowls that meet our quality standardsare not available just yet. If you find them, let us know!

We serve XXL bowls for group events, reducing the packaging waste.

All tips go to 4ocean, a cause that cleans the ocean and makes bracelets from ocean plastic & trash.